My name is Jeffrey Webb and I’m a passionate follower of Jesus. I am blessed to serve as the site pastor of LIFT Church – Brock and I’m also pursuing a Master of Divinity at McMaster Divinity College. Before that, I received an Honours Bachelor of Science from Brock University where I spent most of my time floating between biology, psychology, and kinesiology. I love the outdoors, adventures, learning new things, talking about theology, and relaxing in a hammock with my wonderful wife. 

In my life, I’ve found that I’ve experienced the greatest growth when I encounter stories or lines of thought that force me to step out of my own places of comfort. The more I allowed myself to deconstruct, the more I saw that when the rubber hits the road and faith comes into contact with the real world the simple answers that I once believed simply don’t cut it anymore. As a result, my efforts have become less and less about being able to perfectly reconcile different ideas and more and more about finding peace in the spaces of tension. It is my prayer that through the stories, thoughts, and questions I share on this blog people would be invited into an experience of peace within the whitewater of challenge. I hope that you’ll join me on my own journey as I try to find rest in the tension of life.