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What is done in secret


“Be sure your sins will find you out”

Thats what my mom always used to say. It was a reminder that God sees all the bad things that I’m doing when no one is around and I’ll for sure be punished for those things. I know this is true, it comes straight from Numbers 32:23. God sees all the sins that I commit in private and this is important to remember. As a Christian, I should be a person of integrity. I should be a person who does the right thing even when no one is watching.

But today, I was struck by a different realization of what it means that God sees what I do when I’m alone.

See, I have been reading the sermon on the mount every day for the last little while and when I was reading today I was struck by three verses in particular. Actually… it might seem like one verse because they repeat each other almost verbatim. From all my experience in school and learning, repetition seems like a really good indicator of importance. Actually, when I was in high school and my undergraduate and a teacher would repeat an idea I would make a special note to remember that thing when I’m studying because it would likely be on a the test.

Old habits die hard, I guess because here I am reflecting on the repetition that I see in a passage of scripture.

The phrase that caught me today is this:

Your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. (Matthew 6: 3b, 6b, 18b)

This is a very different picture of what God is doing when He is watching me in secret.

At MDC, one of my professors told my class a story of consulting for a business. They had a call centre as a part of their business and one of their practices was that upper management had to log in and listen to the phone calls being performed by their employees for a bit of time every single day. Those managers were then supposed to find something positive and worthwhile to tell the person they listened to as an encouragement.

This is what these verses remind me of… God, pulling back the curtain on what I’m doing in my spare time… not because He desires to catch me messing up or because He wants to punish me when I step out of line… but so that he can bring me encouragement and reward when things go right.

God is just waiting on the edges of our lives hoping for us to do good things that He can celebrate.

This is a picture of an enthusiastic parent who loves their child wants them to succeed.

So, yeah, my sins will find me out. But so will my righteousness… and I think thats a better thing to be focusing on.

**This blog post is adapted from a journal entry on June 28th, 2018**


Jeffrey Webb

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